Who are we?

#Roskildejob organizes camping hosts for Roskilde Festival's Caravan North and Caravan South areas. We are a support association for Forest Road's Blue Scouts outside Holbæk

Our scout group is based at Kagerup Scout Center located in the forests southwest of Holbæk, and consists of boys and girls of all ages. Through our work at Roskilde Festival, we can support the scout group financially.

As a volunteer with us at Roskilde Festival, you help to ensure that our scout group can continue to have good experiences and strengthen the scouts' community.

Who are Skovvejen's Blue Scouts

Skovvejens Blå Spejdere arranges a wealth of activities for children and young people in our local area. It can only succeed because every year we get money through our work at Roskilde Festival. So the hours you spend as a volunteer for us, we can translate directly into activities for our scouts - thank you for what it means to the world to us!

The group's scouts are very active in nature and regularly participate in activities both in Denmark and abroad. Every year, all scouts are offered trips and camps abroad, and this can be done, among other things, thanks to our efforts at Roskilde Festival.

> Read more about Skovvejens Blå Spejder at www.blaaspejder.eu

What do we do at Roskilde Festival?

Our task at Roskilde Festival consists primarily of being camping hosts (what used to be called guards) partly at camping area Caravan North (the area north of the motorway), partly at camping area Caravan South (area in the south towards Darup).

> Read more about being a volunteer camping host

How much can we support Skovvejen's Blue Scouts

The work we do at Roskilde Festival makes a big difference for Skovvejen's Blue Scouts in West Zealand. In 2023, we could thus donate DKK 60,000 to the scout group, which could then do a wide range of activities for children and young people - many of whom would otherwise not have the finances to participate.

Skovvegen's Blue Scouts support Mercy Scouts

Mercy Scouts in Uganda makes a formidable effort to benefit poor families. Among other things. buys Mercy Scouts mosquito nets that are distributed to poor families and teaches them how to use the nets correctly. They also provide water purification plants to villages so that water-borne diseases are reduced. Part of the earnings from Roskilde Festival is donated to Mercy Scouts. Read more about Mercy Scouts.