Volunteer camping hosts

As a camping host, you help to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and at home in the area we cover. All volunteers are enrolled in a team, each of which has four 8-hour shifts during the festival.

What are you going to do

Our task at Roskilde Festival consists primarily of being hosts (what used to be called guards) at the camping areas Caravan North and Caravan South.

As campsite hosts, we have the task of ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and at home in our area. We hand out lots of waste bags and answer lots of questions. We also have to go on fire duty, keep the toilets (minus cleaning), be gatekeepers and generally just be good hosts.

Each shift is divided into 2 independent groups. One group covers Caravan North and the other group covers Caravan South. You can be flexible between the two groups if there is a need. This is determined by the duty manager.

On each shift, the individual shift team is divided into teams, which switch between the different tasks during the shift. 

There is always a permanent team leader on duty with you in each area. The team leader ensures that all tasks are distributed equally. It is also the manager to whom you refer as a volunteer. And if problems arise or if you have questions during the shift, you can always contact the team leader.

The exact details of the work will be sent to you when you are registered.

When and how much should you volunteer

As a volunteer camping host with us, you have 4 guards every 8 hours. They are distributed throughout the festival week. Some of the guards lie while the music on the big stages plays, others lie before and after.

You must have day shifts, evening shifts and night shifts. There are three shifts per day. Each shift is eight hours.

The first guard team meets at 07.00 in the morning, so the night guard can come home and sleep. Other guards meet at 15.00, so that the morning team can come out to party. Third guard team meets at 23:00, so the evening team possibly. can reach the last party.

It is important that you show up on time so that your comrades on the previous shift can move on. In order to create a good working environment in the team, it is of course also important that everyone meets with a positive and open approach - both to the others on the team and to the festival guests, who are happy and festive.

You choose your guards yourself

When you register as a volunteer camping host with us, you choose your guards yourself. When you sign up for People, go to "The shift schedule" and select the shifts you want.

- You must select 4 guards.
You must choose 1 day shift (gold), 1 evening shift (silver), 1 night shift (bronze) + 1 optional shift day / evening / night.
There must be at least 1 guard between two guards.
- You must have two guards before the music starts.
- You must have two guards during the music period.

You now have the opportunity to choose exactly the guards that suit you.

In the table below you can see when the different teams have guards. And based on this plan, you can assess which team suits you best - so you are sure to see your favorite band, for example.

Registration and shift schedule

Registration as a volunteer camping host with #Roskildejob takes place via People, which is Roskilde Festival's IT system for volunteers. 

If you have previously volunteered with us, you can log in with your old login. If this is the first time you want to volunteer with us, you must create a profile.

Create a profile at People if you are new as a volunteer

To create a profile in People, you can click on the link below. It will take you directly to where you can create a profile. Fill in the fields and press 'Create'.

It is also easiest for you if you use this link and do not go directly to People's front page - this ensures that you are automatically connected to #roskildejob. Otherwise, you must send an email to info@roskildejob.dk and ask that we connect you with us.

Once you have created your profile, it will be sent to us for approval. Once we have approved you, you will receive an email confirmation. After this, you can log in and choose a shift plan etc.

Create profile on People

You must still be activated, even if you have also previously volunteered

If you have previously volunteered at Roskilde Festival, you can log in to People with your previous profile. However, you must still be activated by us before you can choose shift plans etc.

To log in to People, you must go to the front page of the system or click on the 'Log in' tab. Here you log in with the login you have also previously used.

Before you can register for shift plans and the like, you must be activated by us. Wait for a confirmation email.

Sign up for shifts

Once you have either created a profile and had it approved or had your existing profile activated, you can register for shifts.

Log in to People with your login and click on shift schedule. Now you can register for the shifts that suit you best.

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Morning shift
Evening watch
Night watchman