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By volunteering with us #Roskildejob - for example as a camping host - you join Roskilde Festival and at the same time become part of a strong team with a good unity.

Most of our volunteers are camping hosts in the cozy and quiet Silen & Clean area in J. As camping hosts, we keep track of the camping area and ensure that everyone feels comfortable.

In addition, a small portion of our volunteer team leaders are for the camping hosts or service managers.

> Tasks and roster for camping hosts

> Tasks and roster for team leaders

> Tasks and roster for service managers

We do that at Roskilde Festival

Our task at Roskilde Festival consists primarily of being hosts (what used to be called guards) on camping area J. This is where the Silent & Clean area is located. It is a cozy area with many established camps, a good atmosphere and a good community. 

As camping hosts, our task is to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and at home in the area for which we are responsible. We must also be on fire guard, keep the toilets accessible and generally be well-placed hosts.

The exact details of the assignment will be sent to you when you register as a volunteer with us.

That's how much you have to volunteer - and you get it for it

As a volunteer camping host with us, you have four 8-hour guards, distributed throughout the festival week. Some guards therefore lie while the music plays on the big stages; others lie before and after.

In return you get:

- the festival bracelet,
- food and drinks throughout the festival (hot food must be ordered the day before),
- free access to the rear areas,
Access to book voulenteercamping

- and then you become part of a strong community where we have a lot of fun together.

You will be assigned to a specific team that you have all your guards with - thus you get to know the others on the team well.

You can see how the guards are distributed on the individual teams page with information and roster for the volunteer camping hosts

It requires no experience to join

If you have the courage to volunteer with us and join our group at Roskilde Festival, then just sign up - then we are sure that we have a task for you.

You do not need to have any previous experience as a volunteer at Roskilde Festival to join - or from our group for that matter. We have been volunteers at the festival for several years, so we know the tasks really well - and therefore we can easily help you and teach you the necessary if you are new.

All we require is a good mood and a serious approach to the task.

Here you will find us at the festival

We have a permanent place in the camping area where you can find us - and which is also a meeting place when your guards start. 

However, we do not yet know exactly where it will be. As soon as we know the exact location, you can see it on a map on this page.

How to sign up

On the pages with information and shift schedule for volunteers, you can see an overview of the different teams - and when their shifts are.

On the team overview, you see the roster, and you can choose the team that best suits your other festival plans. This way you know from the start which day, evening and night shifts you will get.

Click on the sign up button next to the team you would like to volunteer for. Then you will be transferred to Roskilde Festival's registration system, where you will register. You will be automatically registered on the team you want to volunteer for.

> Duty schedule and information for volunteer camping hosts - with registration links

Ticket and braceletYou will of course get your bracelet with full access to the festival and the opportunity to be part of a cozy volunteer community.

In addition, you get the following:

Free mobile charging
You can charge your mobile phone etc. free when you are on duty with us. Just remember your own chargers.
Free food and drinkAll volunteers get a main meal when they are on duty. In addition, we offer breakfast, lots of toast and drinks under your watch.
Free staff busAccess to the staff bus, which runs in a shuttle service between entrance East and entrance West with stops along the way. It is convenient if you live far away.
Early access to the festival siteAdmission to the festival before it opens, and the opportunity to be part of the "start-up atmosphere" among the volunteers. It's a great experience.
Access to the employee area behind the scenesAccess to the back areas, including the volunteers' bar areas Volunteer Village behind the Arena stage.

Please note that the bracelet you get as a volunteer is NOT one of the regular fabric bracelets that the paying guests get. Instead, you get a special employee bracelet. However, it gives the same access to the festival as the regular bracelet - and more. In the past, it has been possible to have your employee bracelet exchanged after the festival by submitting the used employee bracelet as well as a stamped reply envelope with your own address.

Do you have questions or are in doubt?

Are you in doubt about something? Then finally write to us at info@roskildejob.dk